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Pajamas to the Movies?

It’s like wearing pajamas to the movie theatre. We all behave differently – even dress differently – based on where we’re going, and who we’re with.  It’s easy to forget this. Because we have individual personalities, we tend to think … Continue reading

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Invisible Cupcakes

Yesterday, when walking home from school, we spied a boy carrying a large plastic box covered in frosting.  His face, hair, and shirt were also liberally smeared with the stuff.  His big grin – topped with a white frosting mustache … Continue reading

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TV & Movies: Keys to Conversation?

I used to be one of those parents who didn’t let her child go to the movies or watch tv, except in special, tightly controlled circumstances. Sometimes, that was called for.  Some things are upsetting or work our kids up … Continue reading

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Summer Journal: Practice & Keepsake

In the first few years of elementary school – kindergarten and first grade – teachers use The Journal as a way to encourage reading and handwriting skills. Each day, or every other day, or whenever, depending on the teacher, the … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Ball… And Learn Part 1

I’m not sporty. And that’s an understatement. When I learned my son was a little behind in the catching and throwing department, I shrugged it off… Continue reading

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Handheld Games: Friend or Foe?

Reluctantly, we agreed to purchase a DS for our son, over a year ago.  In large part, this was due to noticing, while grading papers (volunteer work), that a lot of kids were writing about their DS or PSP. That … Continue reading

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Visually Busy

Heightened senses are one of the prices – and sometimes gifts – endowed upon our loved ones with Asperger’s Syndrome.  It’s not made up,  I promise you.  They really do experience things on a different – and often painful – … Continue reading

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