Find those bubble gum machines!

Many of our sensory-challenged children/family members/spouses show either a greater degree of awareness or lesser – I have yet to meet someone that falls smack in the middle.

For example, my husband sees everything.  I mean everything.  He knows when I’ve been to the store, deduces what’s for dinner, compliments me on vacuuming the carpet, etc.

My son is on the extreme other end.  His way of dealing with the sensory overload is to shut down and cut out the world.  We’ve worked for years on expanding his horizons, on helping him to open up and see what’s around him.  Yes, we get the occasional tics and adverse reactions to sensory overload.  But then again, safety comes first… one must see the bus to avoid it.

One of the techniques we used – the most successful and easiest – was to have him find the bubble gum machines in every mall.  If he could find it, he could have a quarter to use and gum to chew.

At first, it was very hard for him, and we had to hint, ‘now look around…’, but as time went by, he started finding them.  As he developed this seeking skill, he improved across the board with finding things.

Now, of course, he has their locations memorized… but that took years.  However, we still give him the quarters 🙂


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Living in an Asperger's World, surrounded by a love of learning, interesting people, and daily challenges.
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