Pajamas to the Movies?

It’s like wearing pajamas to the movie theatre.

We all behave differently – even dress differently – based on where we’re going, and who we’re with.  It’s easy to forget this.

Because we have individual personalities, we tend to think that we’re ourselves everywhere we go.  I used to believe this.  Hey, I’m me – a few strengths, meagre talents, lots of flaws, wow, I wish I was thinner – and that this Me package walks around, talks, performs tasks, juggles the impossible and what not all day long.  Not much change.

Yes and No.  Our behaviour does change based on our surroundings.

My beautiful, wonderful son introduced me to the world of generalization – a fancy term for the application of knowledge learned in one situation to another similar situation.

Take raising the hand.  Every classroom is the same.  But for my son, who had trouble generalizing, this had to be re-learned in every classroom, not just learned once and filed away under yawn, easy, I want to talk, I raise my hand.

We try to keep our sense of humor.  We try to be patient.  But we’re not perfect.

However, we did find a phrase that seems to help him whenever he does something out of keeping with his surroundings.  Like stand up and announce that Grampa’s coming to town in Math class.  Or burst into a classroom, in full song, while others are taking a test.  Or deluge Grandma with a ton of facts/questions about superheroes.  Or… the list goes on.

“It’s like wearing pajamas to the movie theatre,” we say.  And he gets it.  Giggles, even.

Something you wouldn’t do in that location.  Something so out of place that it screams “Whoa!  what am I doing?”  And, oh, yes, he needs that.

But don’t we all, really?  Just today, I threw a little fit about the way my husband was pouring stuff out of a jar.  It’s messy, I said, and sulked.  And wiped the jar off in front of him.

Hopefully, I’ll be forgiven for having forgotten how marriage works.  Hopefully, I’ll be more forgiving the next time any of us slips up and forgets how to behave 😉


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Living in an Asperger's World, surrounded by a love of learning, interesting people, and daily challenges.
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