There’s No Award for That – Part 2

Helpful Award

Usually, I don’t linger on a topic, or moan, or discuss what happened the next day.  Movement is more my thing; write it, keep it positive, wrap it up.

Yesterday really bothered me.

An insightful reader made an excellent post about non-academic awards.  Immediately, I dashed out to the store to find something that could serve as a medal, star, or ribbon.  Well, okay, after making dinner and doing domestic stuff that had to be done, we finally were able to break free and make our mad dash to Michael’s.

There, my son discovered some little tin candy boxes in the shape of stars.  Delighted, he proclaimed them to be ‘better’ than awards, since you could eat them afterward.

After printing out ‘Helpful Award’ – my son’s idea – in a fancy font, complete with the name of the winner underneath, we cut and applied it to the stars.  One we left without a name, so the teacher could hand it out to whomever she wished.

Conscience somewhat appeased, it nevertheless still burned that the school hadn’t made an effort to do such a thing.

So I’ve written a letter to our school, praising them for the ceremony and nice slideshow (which the kids all loved), but pointing out the lack of such an award.  Even included the girl’s name and the details of the situation.

Probably, they’ll ignore it.

But maybe they won’t.  I mean, there are always people who care and go the extra mile to help others.  Teachers everywhere put in extra hours, take the time to make phone calls, stay late to help with math… the list goes on.

If you have children in preschool, elementary school, wherever… consider speaking to the teacher or administration about instituting such an award.  Hopefully, they’ll already have one in place.  If not, you can be the one to recognize and bring a smile to that golden-hearted girl’s – or boy’s – face.   🙂


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