The Loud STOP

Fathers approach things from a different point of view.  For Father’s Day, I’d like to highlight some of Dad’s shining moments.

I find myself looking at my husband for his take on schoolyard issues.  Oh, I know he had a difficult time when he was younger, but that makes his fatherly input all the more valuable.  His knowledge was learned the hard way.

Like how to handle people who just won’t stop bothering you.

When we – I should say my hubby, since he was the one to make the discovery – found bruises on our son’s arm one day after kindergarten, my heart sank like a stone.  My husband, however, knew immediately what to do.

After prying from our son what had happened, since he didn’t think it a big deal (!!!), we got the story.  Another boy – whom he called his friend – was just occasionally walloping him on the arm.


My husband stood him up and had him practice what to do and say.

  1. The first time, let him know you don’t like it
  2. The second time, say “stop”
  3. The third time, stand tall, with legs spread, and hand raised in a stopping motion, and say loudly, “STOP”

If it gets to three, the loud “stop” should draw the teacher’s attention.  Also, bullies don’t like noise and attention.  Their acts are performed on the sly, and depend on stealth and lack of audience.  And if it’s just a clueless friend, then the “stop” will let him/her know their actions are not acceptable.

Too often, we remember the bad experiences at school.

But I’ll never forget the times my son came home, face shining, to proudly announce that he’d done his steps and the other kid had backed down.  He was so proud to not only know what to do, but that he could actually do something.  That he could change his fate for the better, and didn’t need to always rely on someone else.

All due to his father.


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