Thank you, Dads

A lot of us out there – myself included – often think we can handle things better than the Dads can.

We understand our children better, we know how they feel, we don’t hurt their feelings, etc.

But there’s something special about Dads.  They approach things differently.  Some of the lovey-dovey is missing, but really, how much of this world is all soft and sweet?  They want to see their sons – and daughters – succeed.

My husband’s made me stop and think many times.  When he can’t tolerate little noises, it makes me re-assess how socially acceptable little noises are.  And, of course, they drive everyone crazy… it’s not just him.  That spurs me to do something about it.

Which helps our son.

When the two of them are having a good time together, it’s like heaven.  Dad enjoys shows like How It’s Made (self-explanatory), action movies, and science shows.  Given my choice, I’d never watch a show on how things are made.  Or physics through the ages.  But they both sit there, entranced.

Which helps our son.

Dad really enjoys science.  To the extreme degree.  He has collections of lenses, lasers, electronics, a chemistry locker (with lock), and so much more.  He shares his knowledge with the family, sometimes putting on little science experiments and shows for us.

That’s incredible for our son.  I enjoy it, too.  😉

When I hear another mother totally destroy her husband’s parenting abilities in 20 words or less, it does something to me.  It proves to me that once again, we’re not seeing the whole picture.  Sure, moms are great.  Nobody loves and comforts like mom.

But Dads can sometimes push you to be greater, to be better, than you would have been otherwise.


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Living in an Asperger's World, surrounded by a love of learning, interesting people, and daily challenges.
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One Response to Thank you, Dads

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Cheers to dads! And cheers to you as well- I think this blog is wonderful and wanted to pass along my praise:

    How kind! You’ve just made my day!

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