Morning Wake Up Call

This morning, I had to make enchiladas for my family – lots of family – for lunch.  Unfortunately, I was missing ingredients, on a timeline, sick with a cold (or allergies), and in general a mess.

“Where’s my happy Mommy?”  My son asked.

And good for him.  A question like that is a wake up call.  It snapped me out of that frazzled mood, and reminded me that I really had no excuse to be out of temper.  Will being intense and cranky make the beef cook faster?  Or cause enchilada sauce to pour from the heavens?

We all need wake up calls sometimes.  Bad moods are contagious.

I remember reading or hearing about a family who always started the day badly.  The mother was asking some commentator why her son always, always, threw fits first thing in the morning and reliably had a terrible first half hour.  The person she was speaking to then asked her:  “How are you in the morning?”

It’s a legitimate question.  The morning rush does not help kids relax and be calmer throughout the day.  I was rushing this morning, and it didn’t make me go faster, it just affected my mindset.  Which, in turn, was about to upset my son if I didn’t relax a little.

As I’m typing this, it’s occurring to me how perceptive he was.  It’s hard for our AS kids to read emotions.  To interpret clues like body language and facial expression.  So good for him!  And bad, bad for me!  I must have been slamming cupboards and practically shooting laserbeams from my eyeballs for him to notice something like that.

Son: 2, Mom: 0

Now, lunch is over.  All is taken care of, and everyone’s full and happy.  I know I freak out over time pressure; it’s my Achilles heel.  Honestly, though, I need to calm down.

See you all tomorrow.  I’m going to go take a time out.


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Living in an Asperger's World, surrounded by a love of learning, interesting people, and daily challenges.
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