Finger Food or Fork Food?

I love my son.  Not only is he a delightful individual in his own right, but he makes me actually think about everyday things.

Take the difference between finger foods and formal knife and fork foods.  Oh, sure we all  know the difference; but that’s through long practice, habit and years of civilized behavior.  As adults, we know when to grab and when to stab.

But what if we didn’t?

What if we were just now venturing, as thinking people, not toddlers, into the world of civilized cutlery and cuisine?  How would we know the difference?  What would tip us off to the finger opportunity or fork necessity?

Well, sauces, creams and dressings would be a sticky giveaway… but not all fork foods are covered in goo.  Chicken fingers, for example, are big enough to slice, but we eat them with our hands.  How is that different from a small steak?

Also, consider carrots and celery.  Our orange friend and its green counterpart can be safely finger-lifted to our lips when in large raw form, yet must be stabbed when in salads – or worse, cooked – to avoid embarrassing moments of perceived savagery.

Judgment must be learned.  Most learn at an early age, through mimicry and being told to “Use that fork!”  But for those who have trouble generalizing and learning subtle differences, it’s not so easy.  In fact, it’s not easy at all.

No solutions today.  Just wanted to share some thoughts and the inner workings of a fascinating, uncluttered and un-forkified mind.


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Living in an Asperger's World, surrounded by a love of learning, interesting people, and daily challenges.
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