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General vs. Esoteric Knowledge and Conversation Part 2

There’s a flip side to yesterday’s post on esoteric knowledge (General vs. Esoteric Knowledge and Conversation).  And that’s understanding what everyone else already knows and is familiar with. This feels like a no-brainer.  And, to the rest of us, it … Continue reading

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General Vs. Esoteric Knowledge and Conversation Part 1

For a person who has difficulty understanding others (and putting himself in another’s shoes), it can be hard to tell the difference between esoteric and general knowledge. That sounds more complicated than it really is. For example, our son is … Continue reading

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The Relatives And Acceptance

There is a process one goes through to get to the end diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. Often many of us feel like we don’t need to be told by a doctor what seems so incredibly obvious, but there are good … Continue reading

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Balance And The Wii

One of the many questions asked by all of those tests and doctors regarding Asperger’s Syndrome focuses on “clumsiness.” For example:  Does he or she tend to get completely immersed in a particular topic?  How about eccentric behavior?  Social skill … Continue reading

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Sometimes Bad Things Are Good Things

Apologies to the younger kids out there. My brain is thinking about middle school again. Whirling, endlessly, around middle school… Many middle school issues that scared us – and looked like serious problems – are turning out to be positives. … Continue reading

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Age Appropriate… Yeah, Right

Like most people nowadays, I grew with my son, and wasn’t exposed to a lot of other children, so my ideas of appropriate-for-age were all wonky. For example, all three-year-olds can say ‘pachycephalosaurus’, right?  And at five they’re working hard … Continue reading

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Asperger’s Syndrome and Hope

There are days – or even years – when things seem very bleak. We’ve been there.  We’ve endured people telling us that our son won’t be able to handle school.  We actually went a semester half-homeschool – half-school because the … Continue reading

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