Snapshot Brochures Part 2 – Middle School

Front Page with Photo

Obviously, this is my week to work on snapshot brochures (I will return to normal very shortly, never fear)!

Since school – for us – starts Monday, we’ve been busy updating our old elementary school brochure into something a little more young-man-ish, and less little boy.

Since we’ve gotten a few comments about the small (and thus

Strengths and Challenges

unreadable) size of the brochure from the other day, I’ve made them a little larger today.

Less content, more pictures!  Makes life easy.  😉

As always, feel free to send in any brochures you’ve made, omitting names and photos to protect the innocent.


Oh, and ask for your child’s input, if you feel comfortable with that.

I have a friend who usually suffers from mother-daughter tension, but found the process of making a brochure surprisingly helpful for both of them.

Yesterday, I spent the evening with my chess fanatic, working on this brochure.  He was the one who came up with the title: The Official Game Guide To Me.  I adore it, but of course, I’m not biased or anything.  Yeah, right.

Good luck making your brochures.  I wish I had more useful phrases for people out there displaying different facets of Asperger’s Syndrome (or really any special needs), but have complete faith in your creativity.

As always, feel free to use whatever portions of these brochure pages you feel are useful, to cut, to paste, to re-write… have at it.

Note: If you’re going to be printing up several of these, it may be cheaper to have them done at a local UPS or copy store. Snapshot Brochures Part 1 can be found here, if you missed that article.

Triggers and Rewards

Dos and Don'ts


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