Asperger’s Syndrome and Hope

There are days – or even years – when things seem very bleak.

We’ve been there.  We’ve endured people telling us that our son won’t be able to handle school.  We actually went a semester half-homeschool – half-school because the private school we were enrolled in felt our son was no longer capable enough to be mainstreamed.

The very next school year, he grew and learned more than ever.  He had a fantastic year, and nobody was even hinting that he shouldn’t be in school.

In fact, they looked at me like I was crazy when I told them about the half-days.  And then they became suspicious – eyed me like I was a monster – when I rated him fairly low on capability tests, based on past performance.

Ah, isn’t it lovely to be judged.

But I’ll happily undergo the odd looks to see my son succeed like he did this past year.  I’d live through every tearful, painful moment we’ve gone through in the past – with sad but firm people implying that our son will never be capable – to see him bloom and grow in a different environment the way he did.

Years like these teach me that sometimes our kids are on their own schedules.  That sometimes they just need time and patience – and of course our help – to reach those developmental milestones.

Note:  That private school was good to us for many years, so please don’t interpret this as a negative; they acted on what they saw.  We, however, had faith that our son would break out of his shell.  We worked hard on raising his levels of awareness and helping him to notice his surroundings.  All the same, part of me remains convinced that something had to happen inside of him.  Last year, it finally did.

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