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Out This Week

Due to lack of a computer, I will not be posting this week. Hopefully, this means I’ll be writing and catching up for the future, so there will be no more blanks in the schedule. I can dream, can’t I?  … Continue reading

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The “Cool Points” System

A guidance counselor – whom I respect – shared her way of getting social appropriateness across to children.  She called it the Cool Point System. Think about it; the cool kids – at least in elementary school – have skills.  … Continue reading

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Intro to Asperger’s Syndrome For Teachers

Note: Hopefully, this brief intro will help teachers understand and deal with some of the everyday questions that come up.  Feel free to personalize and use it for your own child.  I also recommend the more thorough and in-depth Oasis … Continue reading

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Difficulties With Sound

For some children with Asperger’s Syndrome, sound presents a challenge.  Sometimes this is because it’s a sensory issue, and sometimes it’s because the child has not tuned in yet to the world around him or her.  It can also be … Continue reading

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Teachers and The Breakdown

One thing I tend to hear from teachers – I say this because I heard it yet again yesterday – concerns a misunderstanding about sudden surprises and panic. As we know, the bad surprise is the enemy; catch our Asperger … Continue reading

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What Are These Therapies?

Note: Apologies to the experts and professionals out there; terms will be slaughtered and misused, I’m sure, but all in the name of helping people sort out a very confusing and frustrating bundle of options. I’m a doubter.  Positive, encouraging, … Continue reading

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Embarrassment As A Social Check

We’ve all been there.  That heat in the cheeks, a feeling of pure idiocy, and the wish for sudden and complete invisibility.  A wish that the earth would swallow you up and that you could unsay whatever fool thing just … Continue reading

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Clubs, Group, Activities

Because our Asperger kids need help developing social skills, it is twice as important that they be introduced to positive and friendly situations. Hostile environments will quickly teach them to be suspicious, cynical, and withdrawn. In fact, this picture of … Continue reading

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Will Be Back Soon

Apologies for my absence lately.  We’re all a bit under the weather here. To spare you my feverish ramblings, I’m going to take some time off. Thank you so much for checking in and for all of your support.

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The Mighty List Part 2

Lists are a good way to break complicated actions down into smaller, easy-to-manage steps (ex: how-to guides).  They’re also a way to stay on track and avoid distractions (where was I?  Oh, yes, now I’m on this step).  Lists also … Continue reading

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