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What to Change?

On my way home from the dentist’s office today, after a lot of talk about prevention, maintenance, and what damage cannot be undone, I thought about change.  I would change those years of ice chewing (shudder).  I would undo all … Continue reading

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Interest In One Subject

One of the hallmarks of Asperger’s Syndrome is the intense interest in one subject. When I first read a statement like this, it meant nothing to me.  After all, don’t we all get interested in things?  Go on photography kicks, … Continue reading

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Appropriate, Appropriate, Appropriate

It’s so hard for our loved ones to understand what “appropriate” means. It’s hard for anyone with social challenges to understand what it means.  That’s because that meaning is so fluid.  Pajamas are appropriate at bedtime, but not in the … Continue reading

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Rollercoaster Days

Why is it when a day is bad, it’s very very bad? I’d like – as long as I’m daydreaming here – to have normal bad days. Like, oops, my son had difficulty in math class. Just one class. Just … Continue reading

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IEP Meetings

Disclaimer:  I won’t pretend to be an expert on the IEP;  I’m not, and have no wish to be one.  However, I’ve been to a few now, and wish I’d known some of these things before going to my first … Continue reading

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Sportsmanship and Games

Two words to fill any parent – of an Asperger child – with dread.  Just thinking about good sportsmanship makes me wince. Of course, there’s a reason why sportsmanship is so difficult for our Asperger kids; they don’t automatically see … Continue reading

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Finding One Thing

This weekend, I was reminded of a trick we used to employ while out hiking. Mmmm.  Hiking.  Our family loves to hike… but Florida heat doesn’t always oblige.  Since the temperatures have started dropping – just a little, but enough … Continue reading

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Ten Little Things

Ten little things we’ve learned over the years: In the Aspie children I’ve worked with, an angry voice usually means “hey, I’m panicking here,” and doesn’t actually indicate anger at all. Lack of compassionate response doesn’t necessarily mean a lack … Continue reading

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Fear And Worry

They go together, don’t they? As parents of children with special needs, we’re not strangers to Worry and his scary friend Fear.  And there are always new things to think about, new skill sets to tackle, new stages of life … Continue reading

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Neologism and Other Fun Poetic Happenings

    Yes, our Asperger loved ones are often described as having “stilted, formal” speech patterns.  Their lack of slang and casual speech (all situationally appropriate, and thus more difficult for the socially challenged to decode) cause them to lean … Continue reading

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