Food Diaries

Food Diaries.

They sound so… weight management.  But this is not about eating disorders. Keeping a food diary – for yourself or your loved one – is a good way of keeping track of food and its effects (or lack thereof).

It’s also a good way to de-mystify food fads and wild theories (we’ve all heard them) about ‘curing’ autism.

Say you suspect wheat allergies (gluten-free is all the craze these days).  Instead of just chucking bread and subjecting the family to a wheat-free diet (as well as hunting for palatable recipes and torturing the cook), try keeping a record of food intake and reactions first.  If there’s a clear connection, act on it.

You may find something unexpected.

Or you may not.  In fact, it may be disappointingly dull.  But if this is the case, then it’s also a relief.  No more wondering about wheat and dairy… you have data to prove a lack of reaction, or, conversely, to support your nagging suspicion that food is a culprit.

Food diaries should be kept for weeks, at minimum, and probably at least a month.  A small sample size – say, a few days – just isn’t long enough to really give sufficient data.  What looks at first glance like a sugar reaction may in fact be a reaction to caffeine (which happened to once be in a sugary beverage).

Or it may be a coincidence.

But if there’s a record – a food diary – showing a clear connection over time, then the guesswork can be removed.  Solid proof can be golden when it comes to convincing yourself, doctors, and/or relatives.


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