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Picking And Staph

A lot of kids – and adults – with autism have issues with picking.  By this I mean picking at scabs, bug bites, or even healthy skin.  Continually.  Sometimes even to the point of developing recurring staph infections. But nobody … Continue reading

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As Thanksgiving approaches (yes, we live in the US and celebrate Thanksgiving), I always like to make a mental list of things to be thankful for. I know, so original, right? And yet it’s good to stop and take inventory … Continue reading

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Who wants to know that monsters really exist?  Not me. I live in Happyland.  I like living here.  The world is not perfect, but neither are there real-life monsters. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine – an … Continue reading

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Preparing For Travel

For some of us, travel can be exciting and fun.  Just the idea of a vacation from normal life transports us to balmy beaches and the sound of surf. For those who have difficulty dealing with change, however, vacations aren’t … Continue reading

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Not The Same

It’s interesting what strikes the eye after years of immersion in Asperger’s Syndrome. As you know, my husband and son are on the spectrum.  They’re fantastic people – whom I adore – and I wouldn’t change this about them. But … Continue reading

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Parental Fear Moment #103

Today, I didn’t know what to say.  After all, we’ve covered a lot of territory in the past months. So I surfed around, reading articles and thinking about autism.  I picked through my cluttery mind about recent happenings.  It took … Continue reading

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Success With Games

Often, I talk about struggles and difficulty within groups.  After all, working in groups is difficult for the socially challenged. And, like group work, playing games with peers is fraught with difficulty.  After all, it is a kind of group … Continue reading

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Can We See Asperger’s At A Young Age?

A lot of kids with Asperger’s Syndrome do not get diagnosed until they are much older, sometimes even in the teens.  Some are so high-functioning they never receive a formal diagnosis at all. But some of the signs are there … Continue reading

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Group Work at School

Asperger kids aren’t instinctively good at group work.  It’s a major difficulty for them, and for anyone who has social challenges. Part of Asperger’s Syndrome that I don’t like to discuss – I admit this – is the egocentricity.  It’s … Continue reading

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Squeaky Wheels

Why is it that negative comments are heard so clearly?  That they penetrate and wound us so deeply, while the positive remarks just sail right on by? This week, one of our instrumentalists – a wonderful, talented guy who happens … Continue reading

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