Sickness and Compassion

Apologies, I’ve been unable to write due to caring for a sick child.  That may sound like a lame excuse, but I assure you it is not.

Ah, sickness… isn’t it fun?

Okay, not fun… but it has been a good time for teaching about consideration.  Usually, I’m the one who is under the weather, and my son has to give up going to that special event.  And no, it isn’t fun when the chauffeur (me) isn’t able to drive, so that the bowling-alley-meet doesn’t get to happen.  Or the fun in the park.  Or whatever-it-is-of-the-moment.

But one shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that while it’s not fun to be stranded at home, it’s really not fun to be sick and stranded at home.

Learning compassion and understanding like this is hard for our kids.  But they can do it.

So, now that my son is the sick one and I am well, it’s a good learning opportunity.  Because it really is not fun to be sick.  And he’s seeing that firsthand (again).  And he knows that I’m not able to go about my regular business, due to his sickness.

(Not that I mind, of course.  I feel for him, and only want him to recover.  But I can’t help grasping an educational opportunity when I see one.  Call it a character flaw.)  🙂

I’m hoping that he’ll remember this next time I have to cancel, due to illness.  I’m hoping that he’ll remember to think of others a little bit more.

And I’m hoping that my son – by no means an inconsiderate or thoughtless boy – will learn to expand his generous soul and feel compassion for those who are under the weather, and not just consider the personal inconvenience.

Note:  He’s doing much better now, by the way.  The fever is gone and he’ll be going back to school tomorrow.  Friday he was so sick he insisted on doing his homework, since he claimed life was pretty miserable as it was.  Plus, he’d get it out of the way and be able to have fun when he felt better.  Kudos to him for thinking ahead… and we rewarded him, as was only fair.


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