Microwaves and Killer Wails

It’s amazing what one learns about one’s spouse when appliances break down.

For example, I learned that my husband didn’t really know how to use the microwave beyond pushing the one-more-minute button.  When the “stop/clear” button stopped working on our microwave, that meant those unused 13 seconds had to be patiently burned off and then the microwave re-set to whatever time I needed to steam those veggies.

Oh, yes, and he learned that I’m not so patient when it comes to the microwave.

Microwhale?We both learned how much popcorn he really eats.  And how many little things need the microwave.  Like vegetables, leftovers, snacks, and so on.

It’s been an informative few weeks.

Thankfully, we both have a sense of humor, except, apparently, when it comes to leftover wasted time on the microwave (really?  You needed to set that at one minute for a 10 second snack?!?  Now I have to burn off 50 seconds!  Aaarargh).

I don’t know why he tolerates my craziness at times.

In the middle of this spouse-growth-time, my husband decided to take a week off work.

Don’t get me wrong; he deserves a break.  It’s hard for him to tolerate all the noise and people and smells that cubicle-land so thoughtfully introduces to the human existence.

And that’s even when you’re not sensitive to such things.

Also, we love to have him around.  But to my son a week with his dad home calls for additional rejoicing.  More tv, more video games!

Oh, and total disruption of routine.  Of course.

We discovered years ago that my son follows a pattern – sometimes I wonder if I follow it, too, which scares me – of completely falling apart about the third day after a break in routine (which tends to fall on a Wednesday).

So microwave-crazed spouse (talking about me, here) plus disruption boy meant for one very interesting week.  Oh, and did I mention lack of normal bedtime?

Today, by the way, is Wednesday again.  And it’s that third day back to normal routine, which isn’t normal anymore.  Although my son was showing signs of cracking yesterday, today is full-blown and has been full of jokes about whales.

Whine and cheese jokes are so yesterday, you see.  So now it’s all about the killer wail/whale (yes, I’m groaning with you).

Oh, and we now have a new microwave.  For some reason, my husband thought it a good idea to go ahead and approve the purchase of a new one.  Can’t imagine why.  😉

Who says real life isn’t interesting?  Excuse me while I go read some relaxing novel full of “hair-raising” adventures.    After the past few weeks, it’ll be sure to put me right to sleep.

Note: As my son is very proud of his “killer wail” joke, I’ve heard it about five times today, and will be sure to experience it for at least the rest of the week.  So it’s only fair to share the agony.


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3 Responses to Microwaves and Killer Wails

  1. Loved your post! My son and I live by our routine. We just moved cross country and our routine has been thrown off, I roll with it, but it has been very hard for my son. My husband is home for a month before he goes back to work which adds a whole new component to our non-routine days. My son asked, “When will life go back to normal?” I have to admit, I was thinking the same thing. 😉

  2. Elisabeth says:

    It’s amazing how important a normally-functioning microwave is! My (decidedly aged) microwave stopped acknowledging when you pushed the “Start” button. Not every time- but most. My engineer husband was baffled until I explained that the door sensor wasn’t catching, and the microwave won’t run if it thinks the door is open. Despite this enlightenment, marital harmony was in jeopardy until we adopted an (even more aged) castoff from family. We will replace it with a shiny, cabinet mounted version… someday!

  3. Thank you both for sharing your experiences!

    It’s good to know the little things can drive us ALL crazy. We are not alone!

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