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The Advantage Of Respect

When someone is good at something, we tend to be a little more forgiving of their eccentricities.  For example, a talented (fill-in-the-blank here – anything will do) who has an eye tic.  Or an irritating little cough.  Or who never … Continue reading

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Success With Games

Often, I talk about struggles and difficulty within groups.  After all, working in groups is difficult for the socially challenged. And, like group work, playing games with peers is fraught with difficulty.  After all, it is a kind of group … Continue reading

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Forming a Club

For our socially challenged Asperger children, attending activities and giving them a chance to interact is important. For a few years now, we’ve had difficulty finding a place to fit in.  Our quest for an appropriate club/activity/sport has gone unfulfilled … Continue reading

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The Anguish of Rules

Today, I really put my brother on the spot.  Of course, he can handle it… but it felt so unfair and demanding. Wednesday is our day to watch the little nephew, and often we get to see a bit of … Continue reading

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Chess at the Library

You’d think the library couldn’t surprise me anymore.  After being on the library board for a few years, watching my son grow up through puppet-time and story time there, and visiting every few weeks for books, that just doesn’t leave … Continue reading

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