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Online Games and Socialization

Okay, I admit it.  I’m a bit of a gamer. Whatever that used to mean in the past – the meaning changes every so often- right now it refers to online games.  Online computer games one joins to play with … Continue reading

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Sportsmanship and Games

Two words to fill any parent – of an Asperger child – with dread.  Just thinking about good sportsmanship makes me wince. Of course, there’s a reason why sportsmanship is so difficult for our Asperger kids; they don’t automatically see … Continue reading

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Balance And The Wii

One of the many questions asked by all of those tests and doctors regarding Asperger’s Syndrome focuses on “clumsiness.” For example:  Does he or she tend to get completely immersed in a particular topic?  How about eccentric behavior?  Social skill … Continue reading

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Age Appropriate… Yeah, Right

Like most people nowadays, I grew with my son, and wasn’t exposed to a lot of other children, so my ideas of appropriate-for-age were all wonky. For example, all three-year-olds can say ‘pachycephalosaurus’, right?  And at five they’re working hard … Continue reading

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The Exercise Puzzle Game

Puzzles are a fantastic way to train the brain. Sometimes, however, our kids have difficulty with puzzles – despite their amazing visual memory – because seeing a part of the picture and then fitting it to the whole is a … Continue reading

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The Anguish of Rules

Today, I really put my brother on the spot.  Of course, he can handle it… but it felt so unfair and demanding. Wednesday is our day to watch the little nephew, and often we get to see a bit of … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Ball… Part 2

I love exercise balls. They’re huge, bouncy, and perfect to sit on.  How can one sit on an exercise ball and not feel five years old and happy to be alive? That said, our exercise ball has done wonders for … Continue reading

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