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It’s IEP Time Again

NOTE: Although now a veteran of my share of IEP’s and IEP meetings, I cannot claim to be an expert on them.  Since it’s such a subject of concern and apprehension for most of us, however, here are some of … Continue reading

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IEP Meetings

Disclaimer:  I won’t pretend to be an expert on the IEP;  I’m not, and have no wish to be one.  However, I’ve been to a few now, and wish I’d known some of these things before going to my first … Continue reading

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Turning In Work

When I first heard of putting ‘extra time to finish work’ in our IEP, I was horrified. Of course, I was one of those that never needed extra time.  I’d heard jokes and resentful comments about ‘extra time’ for years, … Continue reading

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Before Diagnosis

Like most parents of AS children, I can relate to that before-the-diagnosis uncertain feeling. We’ve lived through it.  To begin with, the wondering (why is my child different?), then the realization (Asperger’s Syndrome!), and finally… the question of diagnosis.  Is … Continue reading

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