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The Saturday Scientist

Years ago, when we were looking into alternative ways to educate our son, we ran across mention of the Saturday Scientist program. Aside from the catchy title, the idea is to focus on science on a day everyone usually has … Continue reading

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It’s IEP Time Again

NOTE: Although now a veteran of my share of IEP’s and IEP meetings, I cannot claim to be an expert on them.  Since it’s such a subject of concern and apprehension for most of us, however, here are some of … Continue reading

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Thank You, Teachers

We all know how wonderful it is to get the “good teachers.”  We all know those feelings of gratitude and relief when our children are assigned into classrooms ruled by these magical, angelic beings. Sometimes, we just luck out and … Continue reading

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Turning In Work

When I first heard of putting ‘extra time to finish work’ in our IEP, I was horrified. Of course, I was one of those that never needed extra time.  I’d heard jokes and resentful comments about ‘extra time’ for years, … Continue reading

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Intro to Asperger’s Syndrome For Teachers

Note: Hopefully, this brief intro will help teachers understand and deal with some of the everyday questions that come up.  Feel free to personalize and use it for your own child.  I also recommend the more thorough and in-depth Oasis … Continue reading

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Teachers and The Breakdown

One thing I tend to hear from teachers – I say this because I heard it yet again yesterday – concerns a misunderstanding about sudden surprises and panic. As we know, the bad surprise is the enemy; catch our Asperger … Continue reading

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