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About That Special Topic Of Interest…

Walking Encyclopedias Living with our knowledgeable, eager-to-share, amazing AS loved ones can be both wonderful and a bit of a challenge. It’s wonderful to see them light up and sparkle.  To see them delight in their subject.  And to encourage … Continue reading

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After years of being spoiled with a boy who actually listened to his parents (ok, there were still “mule” moments), I am now finding myself throwing up my hands and making comments about pre-teens. Once, frustrated after a long day … Continue reading

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Difficulties With Sound

For some children with Asperger’s Syndrome, sound presents a challenge.  Sometimes this is because it’s a sensory issue, and sometimes it’s because the child has not tuned in yet to the world around him or her.  It can also be … Continue reading

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General Vs. Esoteric Knowledge and Conversation Part 1

For a person who has difficulty understanding others (and putting himself in another’s shoes), it can be hard to tell the difference between esoteric and general knowledge. That sounds more complicated than it really is. For example, our son is … Continue reading

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Back when my son was six or seven, our behavior analyst dropped a mega-ton anvil on us by asking if we had ever actually conversed with him.  Not instructed, not played games with, not helped with homework, but actually sat … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Conversation

The Fourth of July brought conversational skills back to mind for us. Our family usually gathers for that day.   My parents provide amazing food – a New York specialty involving marinated meat and fresh bread – and we all … Continue reading

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